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While the first time you saw your child was the happiest moment of your life, you may be in a situation now where you are scared and worried about their facial paralysis condition. And you may be upset that your doctor’s negligence may be to blame for your child’s birth injury.

However, at this moment, you require some time and peace of mind so that you may concentrate on your child’s recovery. Because you shouldn’t take on more than you can handle, it’s best to leave it up to an experienced birth injury lawyer to decide what should happen next.

Do not hesitate to call a facial paralysis attorney in Honolulu, HI, if you suspect that medical negligence was the cause of your child’s facial paralysis. SRB Hawaii Law is here for you during this difficult time, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve. Call us now!

Why do I need a Facial Paralysis Lawyer in Hawaii?

When your child is injured, everything can become confusing and overwhelming. Our facial nerve paralysis attorneys are here to assist you. We are aware of the seriousness of facial paralysis and its long-term consequences in newborns. When you work with us, our credible attorneys at SRB Hawaii Law can assist you by:

  • Listening to all your concerns
  • Developing a tailored strategy to address your child’s birth injury
  • Answering your questions relating to the facial paralysis claim
  • Taking your child’s personal injury case burden and stress off your shoulder
  • Explaining personal injury law and how it applies to your case, including your rights
  • Consulting with experts in the field to help strengthen your claim
  • Protecting your child and family’s rights
  • Investigating and understanding what caused the injury
  • Determining all the liable parties
  • Demanding and negotiating maximum fair compensation
  • Filing a birth injury lawsuit and taking the case to trial if settlement is not possible

If you require guidance on your future steps or suggestions regarding how you can advocate for your child, reach out to a facial paralysis attorney in Honolulu as soon as possible. We are one call away!

What is Facial Paralysis?

Facial paralysis, also known as facial palsy, is an injury that occurs at birth. It’s a temporary weakness in facial muscles that causes a baby’s face to droop. It usually affects one side of the baby’s face; rarely does it affect both. This condition is also known as Bell’s palsy or idiopathic facial paralysis.

Damage to the facial nerves may impair the child’s sense of taste, as well as their ability to produce tears and saliva. The severity of the condition varies. While facial paralysis is not usually a chronic condition, it can occasionally lead to other serious complications.

If your child developed facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy due to a birth injury, you should not delay in reaching out to a skilled Honolulu facial paralysis attorney.

Common Causes of Facial Paralysis in Hawaii

The facial nerve of an infant is also known as the seventh cranial nerve. It may be damaged just before or during delivery. The cause of facial paralysis is usually unknown. However, a difficult delivery, with or without the use of forceps, may result in this condition. Some of the factors that can result in facial paralysis birth injury include:

  • Compression of the facial nerve against the spine during irregular vaginal births
  • Improper use of the forceps during delivery
  • Improper use of the Ventouse method
  • The large size of the baby
  • Long labor and delivery complications
  • Diabetes of the mother
  • The head of the child is proportionally larger than the rest of the body
  • Improper use of epidural and anesthesia during the delivery process
  • Past history of birth trauma on the mother

Other potential causes of facial paralysis in babies include:

  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Cranial nerve defects
  • Inner ear deformities
  • Cleft palate
  • Internal organ dysfunction
  • Other genetic defects, such as missing facial muscles or nerves
  • Cayler Cardiac Syndrome

If you suspect that your child has facial paralysis, contact your trusted facial paralysis attorney in Honolulu, HI. If your infant was injured due to medical provider negligence, you might be entitled to financial compensation.

Common Symptoms of Facial Paralysis Birth Injury

Facial nerve palsy can manifest itself in a variety of ways. That is what makes it difficult to diagnose. It may even appear when you least expect it. However, keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • Lack of control or inability to move facial muscles
  • Weakness or numbness in the face
  • Loss of facial sensation
  • Drooping of the eyes and face
  • Inability to blink
  • Involuntary drooling
  • Sensitivity to light and sound
  • Other physical signs

If problems persist as babies grow older, they may exhibit symptoms such as:

  • Speech problems
  • Physical abnormalities
  • Chewing Difficulties
  • Unusual methods of expressing their feelings

If your child exhibited symptoms of facial paralysis after a difficult delivery, contact SRB Hawaii Law immediately. Our Hawaii birth injury attorneys can work to determine if your child’s injuries were caused by medical negligence and, if so, can help you understand your legal rights and options.

How Do I Know If Medical Malpractice Caused Facial Paralysis?

Facial paralysis is not always caused by a birth injury. It could be caused by a viral infection or a head injury, for example. Medical malpractice can be challenging to prove because the law requires you to jump through hoops to do so. If it were so simple to sue doctors, no one would want to work as one, so the legal system puts up barriers to prevent this. This means that you may never get to trial before your case is dismissed.

The only way to find out if you have a valid medical malpractice case is to contact a birth injury malpractice lawyer. They will inform you of their thoughts on your case and whether or not you will be able to prove medical malpractice.

Proving Negligence in a Facial Paralysis Claim

You need to demonstrate a connection between the actions of the medical professionals that went wrong and the injury that was sustained by your child in order to establish that they were negligent. This indicates that you need to review comprehensive medical records in addition to a wide variety of other forms of evidence in order to support your case.

Your facial paralysis attorney in Honolulu can assist you in building your case in the following ways:

  • Examining medical records, which may include the administration of medication or the performance of medical procedures
  • Consulting with various medical professionals
  • Investigating similar allegations made against doctors or hospitals
  • Performing an investigation of the applicable medical standards of care

You are also going to be required to show evidence in order to prove each of the following elements of negligence:

  • Duty. There was a patient-provider relationship
  • Breach of duty. The care provided by the medical provider fell short of the expected standard of care
  • Causation. The infant’s facial paralysis was caused by a breach of the standard of care
  • Damages. As a result, the infant and the family incurred damages that may be quantified.

Hawaii Facial Paralysis Compensation Claim

If you feel that your child has suffered facial paralysis or Bell’s palsy, you should immediately contact a facial paralysis attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii. If a healthcare provider’s negligence caused your child’s injury, we could help you in pursuing compensation for the following:

  • Medical costs, including future hospitalization, rehabilitation, treatment, and medications
  • Cost of nursing care
  • Medical equipment, if necessary
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Loss of companionship and enjoyment of life
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Wrongful death


The amount of your settlement will be determined by the severity of your injuries and the type of treatment required. If you only need to go in for a few check-ups while the facial paralysis heals, your medical bills will be lower, and your settlement will most likely be lower as well. To determine what damages may result from your case, you should speak with your birth injury attorney.

Settlement Offers in a Facial Paralysis Case

If you hire our experienced Hawaii facial paralysis lawyer, we will work tirelessly to obtain the settlement you require to cover your losses. We will contact the defendant and attempt to reach an agreement. Sometimes the defendant will make an immediate offer, or we may have to renegotiate. In any case, we will inform you of the defendant’s offer, and you will be able to decide whether it is sufficient.

If no agreement is reached, you have the option of taking the defendant to court. As the court date approaches, the defendant may realize you have strong evidence and decide not to go to court, where they may be forced to pay you a much larger settlement. They could offer to settle before the case goes to court.

If your best option is litigation, we will schedule a trial and bring in an expert witness to support your medical malpractice claim. We will also take into account any evidence you provide, such as medical records and bills, witness statements, and photographs of your child’s injury.

Contact SRB Hawaii Law if your child has suffered facial paralysis owing to the negligence of a doctor or another medical provider. We have the means and expertise to negotiate a settlement or fight forcefully on your behalf in litigation.

Requirements for Facial Paralysis Malpractice Lawsuit

The following are the basic prerequisites for bringing a medical negligence lawsuit. This procedure can be complicated, and seeking legal advice and assistance from a qualified Honolulu facial paralysis attorney is recommended to ensure compliance with all rules.

    • You have to send an “inquiry” and pay a certain fee to the state’s medical inquiry and conciliation panel before you can file a lawsuit in court for medical malpractice. Sometimes, the fee can be waived or made less expensive.
    • The medical inquiry must come with a “certificate of consultation” stating that the victim or their lawyer has talked to at least one licensed doctor who knows or has experience in the same medical field as the doctor named in the inquiry. And as a result, the injured patient or their facial paralysis lawyer has resolved that there is a “reasonable and meritorious cause” to file the inquiry.


The law can make an exception to this rule, but only in two situations: when the applicable statute of limitations is about to run out or when a “good faith attempt” to meet with a doctor fails.

Facial Paralysis Lawsuit Statute of Limitation

The statute of limitations is a legal concept that establishes the maximum amount of time that parties in a dispute have to initiate legal action. Hawaii’s statute of limitations depends on who files the case on behalf of the child. A lawsuit can be filed by a parent, legal guardian, or the child who is represented by a birth injury attorney.

  • The lawsuit was filed by the child (under 10) – six years from the injury or the wrongful act or when they reach ten years of age, whichever provides a longer period..
  • The lawsuit was filed by the child (over 10) – six years after the injury or the wrongful act.
  • The lawsuit filed by the parent or guardian – two years after discovering the act, or up to six years after the injury occured.

Consult a seasoned Hawaii facial paralysis lawyer to make sure you don’t miss the chance to obtain compensation and justice for your child.

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Your newborn’s face is precious. And nothing is more painful than seeing your innocent child’s face suffer from Bell’s palsy or facial paralysis. The culmination of the childbirth process, as well as the many months of pregnancy and prenatal care, is suddenly difficult to bear.

At SRB Hawaii Law, we understand how upsetting it can be to see your child have a facial paralysis. We also know that the complications associated with facial paralysis are frequently life-altering. Our caring attorneys are ready to assist you in determining what caused the problem and taking appropriate action to address it.

We have a proven record of handling birth injuries. Working with us will increase your chances of successfully claiming compensation for the damages that are legitimately yours. What’s holding you back? Speak to us now!

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