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Honolulu Birth Injury Law Firm in Hawaii

SRB Hawaii Law is a pioneer in offering ER (Early Resolution) services to our clients who have suffered birth injuries. ER is meant to offer you the compensation you deserve and to work with physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies to ensure that you and your family are treated financially and fairly, and that birth injury mistakes, accidents, and malpractice do not occur again.

Our professional Honolulu birth injury attorney will work with you and the healthcare providers to obtain the compensation you deserve and to ensure the providers learn from their errors. This legal service is provided for fair attorney charges, with no payment required unless we collect. Then, we endeavor to educate hospitals and insurance providers so that birth injuries and other errors do not reoccur for the good of our community.

The mission of our Honolulu birth injury law firm is to use our expertise in birth injury law to put things right and help others learn from their mistakes. We are all entitled to experience and knowledge of the past. Let’s do the right thing. It’s time.

Why Do You Need the Legal Assistance of a Honolulu Birth Injury Law Firm?

If you have a child who has suffered a birth injury, you may wonder if you need to hire a lawyer. Birth injuries can be caused by many factors, including medical malpractice, negligence on the part of hospital staff or the doctor in charge of the birth, and even defective products. If your child was injured as a result of any of these things, you might be able to file a lawsuit against the responsible party and receive compensation for your child’s injuries.

Our skilled Honolulu birth injury attorney can help you determine if you have a case and, if so, what type of compensation you may be entitled to. We are experienced in handling these types of cases and will know how to build a strong case on your behalf. We will also be able to negotiate with the responsible party’s insurance company on your behalf to get you the best possible settlement.

If you think your child may have suffered a birth injury, contact our Honolulu birth injury law firm today to discuss your case.

Our Honolulu Birth Injury Law Firm Services

  • Cerebral Palsy. Delivery room errors can have disastrous consequences for infants and their families. In some unfortunate cases, birth defects caused by these mistakes result in cerebral palsy. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you may be able to collect damages for your child. Our seasoned Honolulu birth injury attorney is dedicated to pursuing the justice your family deserves.
  • Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE). Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE) refers to oxygen deprivation-induced brain damage. HIE is the main cause of infant mortality and severe disability. Complex Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy situations need the talent and resources of an experienced attorney. Our Honolulu birth injury attorney’s significant legal and medical understanding equips you with a distinct advantage in your quest for justice.
  • Birth Asphyxia. Birth Asphyxia, also known as perinatal asphyxia, is a birth injury that happens when an infant is deprived of oxygen before, during, or soon after delivery. It is a potentially fatal disorder that needs prompt and suitable treatment. Depending on the circumstances, suffocation during birth can result in brain damage, permanent disability, and even wrongful death. If your baby suffered a lifelong disability due to Birth Asphyxia, you might be eligible for compensation. Contact our knowledgeable and caring birth injury attorney to explore your case immediately. Our Honolulu birth injury law firm assists clients in Honolulu, Hawaii, and the surrounding areas.
  • Shoulder Dystocia and Brachial Plexus Injuries. A birth problem occurs when the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck behind the mother’s pelvic bone. Some delivery procedures, such as excessive tugging or twisting, place the infant under unnecessary stress. This can result in various traumas, including injury to the brachial plexus, a network of nerves in the shoulder, arm, and hand. You might be eligible for compensation if your baby suffered a lasting injury due to shoulder dystocia.
  • Preterm Birth or Untimely Deliveries. Miscalculations can have life-altering consequences for both the infant and the parents. Serious medical errors can occasionally result in preterm birth. Even though contemporary hospitals are well-equipped to safeguard preterm infants, they are not uncommon to have immediate and long-term health difficulties. Our Honolulu birth injury law firm will assist you in determining your next steps.
  • Wrongful Death. A wrongful death may occur during or shortly after labor and delivery. Medical negligence on the part of the physician, nursing staff, or administration is the common denominator of these lawsuits. Our Honolulu birth injury attorney is devoted to assisting families like yours while bringing the hospital’s error to light.

Equalizing the playing field is one of the most compelling arguments for hiring our competent Honolulu birth injury attorney for your personal injury claim. Having us on your side helps to guarantee that all responsible parties are held accountable and that you receive the full compensation to which you are entitled.

Please call our Honolulu birth injury law firm today to discuss your case free of cost and obligation. We fight for families affected by birth injuries in all of Hawaii’s neighboring areas.

Honolulu: Capital of the State of Hawaii in the United States of America

Kamehameha III declared Honolulu the capital of the independent Kingdom of Hawaii in 1850. On July 1, 1905, Oahu County was founded under the US administration. Two years later, the city and county were called Honolulu. When Hawaii became a state in 1959, a city charter was approved.

The Location

In the northern Pacific Ocean, 2,390 miles from California and 3,850 miles from Japan, lies the southern shore of Oahu, one of eight major islands in the state of Hawaii.

The Time Zone

Hawaii has its time zone, which is known as Hawaiian Standard Time. The state is not a part of Daylight Savings Time. Noon in Hawaii corresponds to 2 PM on the West Coast and 5 PM on the East Coast (Standard Time, November through August). During mainland Daylight Savings Time (April to October), there is a three-hour difference between the East and a six-hour difference in the West coasts.

The Tourist Places to Visit and Things to Do

Honolulu is the capital of the State of Hawaii in the United States of America. It is located on the island of O’ahu’s southwest shore. Exploring volcano craters, coastal vistas, beaches, nightlife, festivals, war history, Polynesian culture, ocean cruises, adventure sports, art, and food are among the greatest things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii. The landscape of Honolulu is the city’s greatest draw. The city is situated on an island with a stunning shoreline.

Honolulu Shorelines

This shoreline was formed by volcanic eruptions that produced a diversified landscape of plains, cliffs, mountains, and craters. The bulk of Honolulu, Hawaii’s top attractions are located around the shore. Some of the most beautiful beaches surround the city. In addition to these heavenly stretches of sand, coastal cliffs, reefs, and bays add to the allure of a Honolulu visit. Diverse adventure sports, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, boat excursions, whale watching, marine animal tours, and similar Honolulu pursuits, enhance the beauty of the coastline.

Pearl Harbor in World War II: A Place of Memorials, Museums, and Monuments

It is also renowned as the site of the Pearl Harbor attacks during World War II. The location of these attacks has been transformed into memorials, museums, and monuments. Pearl Harbor’s related battleships and aircraft are also prominent Honolulu tourist attractions that may be examined on-site. To visit these Honolulu sights, you’ll need to scuba dive to the ocean below, where you’ll find the wreckage of decommissioned military vehicles.

Polynesian Culture

It is also one of the greatest locations in Hawaii to learn about, observe, and experience the Polynesian culture. The Polynesians have their cultural centers, reconstructed villages, festivals, shows, workshops, and museums. In Honolulu, there is also a great deal of culturally diverse and interculturally blended points of interest. Oceania’s primary financial, cultural, political, commercial, and business center.

The magnificence of the city will be evident when sightseeing in Honolulu. Its location on the Pacific Ocean drew individuals of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds. This is seen in architecture, art, music, interior design, and cuisine. Indeed, the city is a melting pot.

Get Legal Help from Our Honolulu Birth Injury Law Firm!

While everyone has terrible days at work, there are certain occupations where you cannot afford to make a mistake, like a child delivery. When a doctor or nurse fails to perform his or her duties properly, your child suffers. As a result, the only appropriate reaction is to pursue legal action. 

Infrequently is there an easy explanation for your child’s injury? Indeed, parents frequently struggle to acquire a satisfying explanation from their healthcare professionals regarding the source of the damage. By speaking with our seasoned birth injury attorney, parents of a child with a birth injury may rest assured that they are safeguarding their child’s legal rights.

Our Honolulu birth injury law firm acknowledges that pursuing a medical negligence claim cannot undo what has occurred. However, it will ensure that you have the finances necessary to meet lifetime medical expenses and that those responsible will never make the same mistake again.

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