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We Provide Real Help to Hawaiian Families Harmed by Birth Injuries and Medical Malpractice.

We have recovered millions from birth injuries in Hawaii. File a birth injury lawsuit with an experienced attorney today and get the compensation you deserve!

Has your child developed cerebral palsy as a result of a delay in delivery? Our Hawaii cerebral palsy lawyer can assist you in securing a settlement for any damage.

Do you believe your baby may have suffered from birth asphyxiation during or after delivery? Call our birth asphyxia lawyer in Hawaii to get the compensation you deserve.

Do you believe your doctor or hospital is responsible for the wrongful death of your baby or child? The compensation you and your family deserve can be obtained through the efforts of our compassionate wrongful death lawyer in Hawaii.

Do you believe your newborn’s severe illness or death was caused by HIE? To ensure that compensation for both mental and physical harm is secured, contact our experienced HIE attorney in Hawaii.

Here’s Why You Need a Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries and medical malpractice cases involve complicated medical and legal difficulties, making it crucial to seek counsel or legal representation from SRB Hawaii Law.

Honolulu Hawaii Types of Birth Injuries to Mother Honolulu HI

Legal Advice in Demonstrating Birth Injuries Brought on by Negligence

Support in Proving Medical Malpractice Has Occurred

Supporting the causes of a birth injury may need a combination of facts and testimony. Your labor and delivery, prenatal medical history, and continuous medical records for your child can be gathered by a birth injury attorney on your behalf.

Our birth injury attorneys may also speak with qualified medical experts. They can evaluate your labor and delivery records to show how medical errors caused your child’s birth harm.

Assistance in Differentiating Defect from Birth Injury to Bring to Court

Medical professionals who fall below a specific standard of care during labor and delivery can result in preventable birth injuries.

If you think a medical error occurred during childbirth and caused your child’s birth injuries, you might be able to file a lawsuit. Find out if you have a case by speaking with one of our birth injury lawyers today!

The only focus of our Honolulu birth injury attorneys is on representing clients in birth injury claims involving physically and neurologically impaired newborns and kids. 

At SRB Hawaii Law, we have recovered millions in birth injury medical malpractice cases.

To ascertain whether poor care contributed to a child’s cerebral palsy, an experienced Honolulu cerebral palsy attorney will conduct a thorough study of the medical records and evaluate the case with medical professionals to support the claim. Contact our Hawaii office today to learn more.

When force is exerted to pull the baby from the birth canal, it may result in shoulder dystocia or brachial plexus injuries. In such cases, turn to reliable Hawaii shoulder dystocia attorneys to help file a claim. Time is of the essence when it comes to situations like this. SRB Hawaii Law on your side is your best chance to receive the best compensation possible.

Paralysis, Loss of Limbs, Spinal Cord Injury, and Brain Injury are some of the most catastrophic damages that can happen to a mother and her child. Obtaining maximum compensation you are entitled to and holding all responsible parties accountable are made possible with the assistance of a Hawaii catastrophic damages attorney.

One of the most common causes of infant mortality and severe disability is HIE. It causes various major health problems, including epilepsy, motor impairment, neurodevelopmental delay, and cognitive impairment. To arrange a free consultation, call our HIE lawyer at SRB Hawaii Law right away. We provide service to all Hawaiian islands.

Some preterm births are preventable by cerclage placement, progesterone, or both. Our Hawaii birth injury lawyers can assist you in determining if your preterm birth was preventable.

Birth asphyxia can result in brain damage, permanent disability, or even wrongful death. Contact seasoned Hawaii birth asphyxia & injury lawyer Stephen Brzezinski immediately to discuss your case. Serving clients in Honolulu and the neighboring areas of Hawaii is a source of pride for SRB Hawaii Law.

A wrongful newborn death can happen either during childbirth or right away after. Medical malpractice on the side of the doctor, nurses, personnel, or administration is the common denominator in these allegations. Call SRB Hawaii Law in Honolulu to identify who is responsible and whether you are entitled to compensation.

Sepsis is a critical condition that must be treated immediately to avoid death or long-term health problems. SRB Hawaii Law can assist you in holding all at-fault parties accountable. Call our Hawaii sepsis lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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Why Choose SRB Hawaii Law for Your Birth Injury and Medical Malpractice Case

Our Honolulu birth injury attorney at SRB Hawaii Law have recovered millions from birth injuries in Hawaii. We can look into the circumstances behind every child’s injuries thanks to our knowledge and accessible resources. In collaboration with medical specialists, we will gather the evidence required to determine what caused the birth injury, why it occurred, and how the outcome affected you, your child, and your family. With this proof, we can then inform you of your legal alternatives and how we can support your medical malpractice claim.

Turn to SRB Hawaii Law for Your Birth Injury & Medical Malpractice Cases

The most emotionally taxing medical malpractice cases often involve birth injuries, resulting in some of the most significant damages when a patient gets to trial.

It’s simple to comprehend why a jury might want to award significant damages when a preventable error causes harm to a mother or child. Injury during labor and delivery may be the result of negligence, so it is essential to seek legal advice from reliable Honolulu birth injury attorneys.

Trusted Hawaii Birth Injury Attorneys

Specializing in birth injury law, SRB Hawaii Law is an innovator in providing ER (Early Resolution) services to our birth injury clients.

We work with you to get you the damages you and your family deserve. In addition, we offer education to hospitals, physicians, and nurses to make sure what happened in your case doesn’t happen again.


Our Mission

The mission of SRB Hawaii Law is to utilize our birth injury law experience in order to make things right and help others learn from mistakes. We all deserve the knowledge and experience of the past. Let’s do what’s right. It’s Time!

Stephen Brzezinski

Stephen Brzezinski

SRB Hawaii Law Birth Injury Lawyer

If you have been rejected by another law office regarding a medical malpractice case, SRB Hawaii law will review your matter with you for a free second opinion. Not only birth injuries involving HIE, Cerebral Palsy, Wrongful death, and Brachial Plexus Injuries, but any catastrophic damage that has occurred to you or a loved one from potential medical malpractice.

SRB Hawaii law has handled brain injuries from neurosurgical errors, deaths resulting from untimely diagnosis of a heart attack and numerous surgical errors resulting in catastrophic damages. Such cases include negligent  arteriovenous malformation (“AVM”) surgery and transsphenoidal surgery to remove pituitary tumors, resulting in death and life-long injuries.

If you, a loved one, or someone you know is going through a devastating case of a birth injury or medical malpractice in Hawaii, look no further.

Providing ER (Early Resolutions) to Birth Injury Victims in Hawaii

One of the primary benefits of hiring legal representation for your birth injury claim is leveling the playing field. You will be at the whim of lawyers and insurance providers who don’t have your family’s best interests in mind if you don’t have someone knowledgeable in medical malpractice law. Pursuing the maximum compensation, you are entitled to and holding all responsible parties accountable is made possible with the assistance of a Honolulu birth injury attorney in Hawaii.

SRB Hawaii Law Educational Resources

Birth Injury Lectures and Presentations

Since 1994, Attorney Stephen of SRB Hawaii Law has been lecturing in Hawaii, Michigan, Colorado, and New York about Birth Injuries, its implications on the life of a mother and her child as well as the litigation and lawsuit cases he has handled.

  • Denver, Colorado, 2022. AWHONN National Convention
    • “A Modern Approach to Litigation,”
    • “Birth Injury Lawsuits 101,”
    • “Triage and the Emergency Department,”
    • “External Fetal Heart Monitoring and Delivery Claims,”
    • “Postpartum Care of Mom and Baby,”
    • “Neonatal Claims,”
    • “Expert Testimony,” and
    • “Electronic Evidence and Social Media.”
    • Honolulu, Hawaii and Kona, Hawaii, 2019. Hawaii Obstetrics Symposium.
      • “Talking the Talk in Obstetrics: How to Make a Safe OB Unit Even Safer;”
      • “Don’t Fall into the Pit: Oxytocin, Inductions, and the ARRIVE Trial;”
      • “Not too Quick: Not Quick Enough: Getting Cesarean Safety Just Right;” and
      • “The OB and the ED.”




What Our Clients Say About Us

I don’t think there are words that appropriately encompass the compassion, empathy, and expertise that Steve holds for his clients and their individual stories. 

You are truly, undeniably, in good hands with Steve in your corner. 

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