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Births should be joyous events that are a cause for celebration for families. Nothing compares to the joy parents feel upon holding their newborns. Many pray for a safe, healthy delivery, but sometimes things don’t go as planned, and the child suffers from a birth injury. In this instance, a Hawaii Bell’s Palsy injury lawyer comes into play.

Bell’s palsy is described as a condition that causes weakening in the facial muscles, particularly on one side. While there is a chance for improvement of the facial muscles over time, it can still pose a great source of difficulty for sufferers, especially children. Many factors can cause Bell’s Palsy, particularly birth injuries. If this holds true for you, there’s no better option than contacting a birth injury lawyer from Honolulu, HI.

Dedicated Hawaii Bell’s Palsy Injury Lawyer

If your child suffers from Bell’s Palsy due to a birth injury, know that consulting a Hawaii Bell’s Palsy Attorney from SRB Hawaii Law is the smartest course of action. An attorney can provide you with legal advice and use their knowledge of birth injuries to help you better comprehend your situation. The law office’s attorney is also dedicated to righting the wrongs committed to others through education.

Look no further than a Hawaii Bell’s Palsy attorney from SRB Hawaii Law for injuries sustained during childbirth. The law firm’s attorney stays true and committed to your case and will walk you through the entire birth injury legal process, holding those liable accountable and ensuring you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule an appointment with a Hawaii Bell’s Palsy injury lawyer right this instant!

Why do I need a Bell’s Palsy Attorney in Hawaii?

If your child is currently suffering from the after-effects of a negligent delivery process at the hands of healthcare providers, the last thing on your mind would be getting help from a birth injury attorney. However, compensation might be the first thing you’ll need since you have to pay the piling medical bills. A Bell’s Palsy attorney in Honolulu is the perfect person to help.

A medical malpractice lawyer from SRB Hawaii Law is well-equipped with knowledge regarding this particular practice area. The law firm’s attorney provides clients with the following:

  • ER (Early Resolution): Early resolution is designed to provide you with compensation for the damages caused by a healthcare professional’s negligence.
  • Collaboration and Education: The firm’s lawyer collaborates with hospitals and insurance companies to provide free education to healthcare professionals to ensure the mistakes of the past aren’t repeated.
  • Birth Injury Awareness: SRB Hawaii Law brings forth awareness regarding common birth injuries such as cerebral palsy, HIE, Bell’s Palsy, Erb’s Palsy, and more through the lawyer’s

What is Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s palsy is characterized as a condition wherein weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles is present, usually on one side of the face. It often results from damage to the facial nerve and takes approximately 48 hours to worsen. High-risk factors include pregnant women, diabetics, and individuals with upper respiratory ailments. While the main cause isn’t too clear yet, it is often noted that negligent childbirth assistance can contribute to Bell’s Palsy.

Facial nerve damage due to birth trauma can result in facial paralysis or limited facial movements. Bell’s Palsy can occur, particularly through large baby size, long labor or pregnancy, and use of anesthesia or medicines.

If you or your child are suffering from Bell’s Palsy due to the negligence or malpractice of a healthcare provider, know that you can turn to a reputable Honolulu Bell’s Palsy attorney.

What Are the Grounds For Filing Birth Injury Claims?

Birth injuries resulting from medical malpractice cases happen when healthcare professionals fail to exercise medical care that is up to the standard. Failure to comply with medical practice standards results in either injury to the mother or child during pregnancy or delivery and even wrongful death. However, before filing birth injury claims, some factors must be considered.

There is a three-step process to determine liability in a medical malpractice case involving birth injury.

    1. It starts with determining or establishing a medical standard of care that the defendant did not adhere to. Plaintiff’s lawyers usually call upon another medical professional and determine whether other medical experts would do what the defendant did in the given situation.
    2. The next step involves determining whether the healthcare provider’s actions or deviation from the standard is responsible for harming the mother or baby.
    3. Finally, the damages done to the plaintiff are calculated. If you wish to know what damages you can file for, consult a Hawaii Bell’s Palsy injury lawyer who can help you in this case.

How Is A Settlement Determined in a Bell’s Palsy Case?

Representatives could offer settlements during the medical malpractice claim, and you might be tempted to get it since you need financial help, but talking to an attorney helps you better determine the actual amount you need and prevent you from settling for less.

Our Hawaii birth injury attorney can assist you in crafting a life care plan for these costs to help you grasp how much the birth injury settlements actually cost, including anticipated future costs. Several factors come into play when on the topic of life care plans, including:

    1. Daily care in a specialized facility
    2. Medical evaluations
    3. Physical therapy
    4. Equipment modifications for daily living
    5. Other expenses resulting from the medical condition

Surviving parents can also claim lost wages since they must stay home and care for the child. Note that the total costs in the life care plan will comprise the bulk of the settlement, but there is also the option of seeking compensation for non-monetary damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment.

Life care plans vary from child to child. If you wish to know the exact amount you need, contact a Bell’s Palsy lawyer from Hawaii right now.

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Birth injuries such as Bell’s Palsy can be detrimental to everyday living. Birth injuries that result from the medical negligence of a medical provider must be held accountable for, and no person is better for the job than a Honolulu Bell’s Palsy Attorney from SRB Hawaii Law.

Using a two-in-one approach, the attorney is committed not only to making sure you are compensated for the damages and ensures medical professionals are educated through lectures to avoid these mistakes from occurring again. If you are in dire need of an experienced attorney, contact SRB Hawaii Law right now.

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