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At SRB Hawaii Law, our lawyers have experience investigating the role of medical malpractice in many forms of birth trauma.

Learn more about your child’s condition and how our birth injury legal services can help you.

To ascertain whether poor care contributed to a child’s cerebral palsy, an experienced Honolulu cerebral palsy attorney will conduct a thorough study of the medical records and evaluate the case with medical professionals to support the claim. Contact our Hawaii office today to learn more.

When force is exerted to pull the baby from the birth canal, it may result in shoulder dystocia or brachial plexus injuries. In such cases, turn to reliable Hawaii shoulder dystocia attorneys to help file a claim. Time is of the essence when it comes to situations like this. SRB Hawaii Law on your side is your best chance to receive the best compensation possible.

Paralysis, Loss of Limbs, Spinal Cord Injury, and Brain Injury are some of the most catastrophic damages that can happen to a mother and her child. Obtaining maximum compensation you are entitled to and holding all responsible parties accountable are made possible with the assistance of a Hawaii catastrophic damages attorney.

One of the most common causes of infant mortality and severe disability is HIE. It causes various major health problems, including epilepsy, motor impairment, neurodevelopmental delay, and cognitive impairment. To arrange a free consultation, call our HIE lawyer at SRB Hawaii Law right away. We provide service to all Hawaiian islands.

Some preterm births are preventable by cerclage placement, progesterone, or both. Our Hawaii birth injury lawyers can assist you in determining if your preterm birth was preventable.

Birth asphyxia can result in brain damage, permanent disability, or even wrongful death. Contact seasoned Hawaii birth asphyxia & injury lawyer Stephen Brzezinski immediately to discuss your case. Serving clients in Honolulu and the neighboring areas of Hawaii is a source of pride for SRB Hawaii Law.

A wrongful newborn death can happen either during childbirth or right away after. Medical malpractice on the side of the doctor, nurses, personnel, or administration is the common denominator in these allegations. Call SRB Hawaii Law in Honolulu to identify who is responsible and whether you are entitled to compensation.

Sepsis is a critical condition that must be treated immediately to avoid death or long-term health problems. SRB Hawaii Law can assist you in holding all at-fault parties accountable. Call our Hawaii sepsis lawyer to schedule a consultation.

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