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SRB Hawaii Law provides birth injury ER (Early Resolution) services to our clients. ER is designed to provide you with the compensation you deserve and then ideally work with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to provide them with free education so birth injury mistakes are not repeated. Our end goal is twofold—to provide a timely and successful resolution of your case and to promote positive change from the errors made to protect against future birth trauma.

The mission of SRB Birth Injury Law Firm is making things right and learning from mistakes. We all deserve the knowledge and experience of the past. Let’s do what’s right. It’s time!

Stephen Brzezinski


Having practiced for over 30 years in medical malpractice, I have also handled numerous catastrophic damage cases including, brain surgery, spinal surgery, transsphenoidal surgery, AVM (arteriovenous malformation) surgery, loss of limbs, mismanagement of sepsis, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (“CRPS”) as well as many more types of medical malpractice that results in either wrongful death or catastrophic damages.

I have not only practiced birth injury medical malpractice for 30 plus years, I have also lectured locally, nationally, and internationally on issues regarding birth injuries, HIE, birth trauma, shoulder dystocia, wrongful death and litigation on dozens and dozens of occasions. 

I bring that experience and knowledge to my clients so we are always the best informed and knowledgeable.

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AWHONN National Convention. “A Modern Approach to Litigation,” “Birth Injury Lawsuits 101,” “Triage and the Emergency Department,” “External Fetal Heart Monitoring and Delivery Claims,” “Postpartum Care of Mom and Baby,” “Neonatal Claims,” “Expert Testimony,” and “Electronic Evidence and Social Media.”
Denver, Colorado, 2022.

Hawaii Obstetrics Symposium. “Talking the Talk in Obstetrics: How to Make a Safe OB Unit Even Safer;” “Don’t Fall into the Pit: Oxytocin, Inductions, and the ARRIVE Trial;” “Not too Quick: Not Quick Enough: Getting Cesarean Safety Just Right;” and “The OB and the ED.”
Honolulu, Hawaii and Kona, Hawaii, 2019

18th Annual Advanced Forum on Obstetric Malpractice Claims, “Selection and Preparation of Expert\Fact Witnesses for Testimony and the Implications of the ARRIVE Trial.”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2019

34th Annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference, “Lessons Learned: What is Preventable.”
Steamboat, Colorado, 2019

Perinatal Care & Birth of a Lawsuit Conference, Contemporary Forums, “Consent and Care: The Legal Perspective; “Offer and Disclosure Versus Deny and Defend;” Preparing to Testify in a Med-Mal Case;” and “Reptile Theory and Trial Strategy.”
Las Vegas, Nevada, 2018

25th Annual Spring Conference on High Risk Obstetrics for Symposia Medicus, “Shoulder Dystocia: Predicting, Managing, and Defending; Strategies to Advance Patient Care: Your Rules & Regulations& The Law; The Law & EFM: Where Is It Going?”
Los Cabos, Mexico, 2018

17th Annual Advanced Forum on Obstetrical Malpractice, “Preventing Category II Fetal Monitoring Strip Liability: Safeguarding Against Incorrect Reading and Responses.”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2018

CME Specialty Conference, “Lessons Learned From Medical Malpractice Cases: The Importance of Policies and Procedures.”
Lihue, Hawaii, 2018

33rd Annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference, “Informed Consent: Do You Hear What I Hear?”
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2018

Grand Rounds, “The Interpretation of Uterine Activity on Fetal Heart Monitor Tracings,”
Austin, Texas, 2018

BETA Annual Member Symposium, “Shoulder Dystocia: A Legal Update.”
Huntington Beach, California, 2017

High Risk Obstetrics and Perinatal Summit, “Obstetric Communication Errors: Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, a Legal Perspective.”
Monterey, California 2017

16th Annual Advanced Forum on Obstetric Malpractice Claims, “In-House Claims and Risk Management Professionals Speak Out on Obstetric Malpractice Financial & Legal Decisions Evaluation and Settlement of Cases.”
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2017

Claims Trends and Improving Patient Care, Litigation Strategies-An Update from the Defense, and Improving Patient Safety.” Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children and Queens Hospital.
Honolulu, Hawaii 2017

32nd Annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference, “Recent Trends in Obstetric Malpractice Claims.”
Steamboat, Colorado, 2017

Grand Rounds, “Improving Patient Engagement and Risk Minimization.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2017

Grand Rounds, “Complying with TJC and Case Law to Improve Patient/Physician Communication”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2017

Grand Rounds, “Informed Consent”
Lihue, Hawaii, 2017

Grand Rounds, “Improving Health Literacy.”
Kamuela, Hawaii, 2017

Birth Injuries & the Law Conference Co-Chair and Presenter on topics of Shoulder Dystocia, Uterine Tachysystole, and Birth Injuries on Trial.
Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016

AWHONN National Convention, “Protocols and Guidelines in the Interpretation of Uterine Activity on FHR Patterns-Help or Hindrance?”
Grapevine, Texas, 2016

PeriGen Obstetrical/Neonatal Reception, “Short Stories of OB Nurse Malpractice and How They Might Have Been Avoided.”
Grapevine, Texas, 2016

Bioethics Committee Conference, “Advancing Patient Care in Pediatrics.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

CME Specialty Conferences, “The Reptile Theory and the Standard of Care.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

Risk Management Conference, “Strategies for Advancing Patient Care.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

Specialty Conference, “Changing the Landscape in Assessing Damages in Liability Cases.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016

Medical Malpractice Damages Conference, “Defining Damages: Defining Medical Care Needs in Personal Injury Claims.”
New York, New York, 2016

31st Annual Steamboat Perinatal Conference, “Legal Pitfalls in Treating Cervical Insufficiency.”
Steamboat, Colorado, 2016

ASDA Annual Conference, “Affordable Care Act and Personal Injury Cases.”
Big Sky, Montana, 2016

Defining Damages: “Defining Medical Care Needs in Third Party Severity Bodily Injury Claims.”
New York, New York, 2015

Grand Rounds: “Policies/Procedures/Protocols and Safety Rules.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2014

Birth Trauma Seminar “The Economics of Cerebral Palsy.”
New York, New York 2014

29th Annual Perinatal Conference, “The Affordable Care Act and its impact on Birth Trauma Litigation.”
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2014

Grand Rounds: “The Evolution of Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2014

Grand Rounds: “A Credentialing Exam for Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2014

Grand Rounds: “Fetal Head Compression.”
Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013

Grand Rounds: “Fetal Intolerance of Labor.”
Lihue, Hawaii, 2013

“Category II Fetal Heart Rate Tracings, Complying with the Standard of Care.”
Okemos, Michigan, 2013

Grand Rounds: “Role of Cerclage and Progesterone Today.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2013

Grand Rounds: “Medical Legal Issues In OB/GYN.”
Los Angeles, California, 2012

Current Controversies in Maternal Fetal Medicine. “Fetal Head Compression.”
Mount Hood, Oregon, 2012

Annual Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management, “Intrauterine Ischemia from Head Compression In Utero, Fact or Fiction.”
Palm Springs, California, 2012

Grand Rounds: “Charting Errors to Avoid and Improve Patient Safety.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2012

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Detroit, Michigan, 2012

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Grand Rounds: “Obstetrical Liability: Documentation and Obstetrical Management.”
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San Francisco, California, 2012

OB/GYN Retreat, “Fetal Heart Rate Interpretation and Management based on ACOG Criteria.”
Novi, Michigan, 2011

25th Annual Perinatal Conference. “Obstetrical Malpractice for the Defense.”
Steamboat Springs, Colorado, 2010

Grand Rounds: “Defending Shoulder Dystocia Cases.”
Novi, Michigan, 2009

Perinatal Conference, “Defending Birth Trauma Litigation: Placental Pathology/Head Imaging Films.”
Austin, Texas, 2008

Grand Rounds: “How Do Plaintiff’s Experts Find Fault in Cases of Shoulder Dystocia.”
Kansas City, Kansas, 2008

Grand Rounds: “Obstetrical Liability and Documentation.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2007

Grand Rounds: “Defending Shoulder Dystocia Cases.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2005

Grand Rounds: “Protecting the Labor and Delivery Record.”
Warren, Michigan, 2004

“Defense of Physician Assistants in Birth Trauma Litigation.”
Detroit, Michigan, 2002

Grand Rounds:“Medical Legal Consequences of Preterm Delivery.”
Garden City, Michigan, 2000

“Defending VBAC Deliveries.”
Garden City, Michigan, 1999

“Avoiding Nurse Charting Errors.”
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“Pitocin Augmentation Litigation”.
Garden City, Michigan, 1998

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Detroit, Michigan, 1998

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Detroit, Michigan, 1998

Grand Rounds: “Interpretation of Fetal Heart Rate Tracings, Protecting the Record.”
Detroit, Michigan, 1998

“The Importance of OB Charting.”
Livonia, Michigan, 1997

Mock Cross Examination Video Presentation Regarding Retained Products of Conception.
Detroit, Michigan, 1997

Garden City Hospital, “Pitocin Induction, Hyperstimulation, and Shoulder Dystocia Litigation.”
Garden City, Michigan, 1997

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Detroit, Michigan, 1997

“Neonatal Charting and Protecting the Record.”
Detroit, Michigan, 1997
Current Trends in OB/GYN Litigation: The Pitfalls of Fetal Heart Rate Interpretation.
Dearborn, Michigan, 1994

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