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The doctors and nurses who work in OB/GYN offices and delivery rooms are skilled, tenacious professionals. Each day they make split-second decisions in order to bring babies safely into the world. Unfortunately, an error can lead to life-altering ramifications for the baby and parents.

Serious medical mistakes sometimes lead to premature birth. Although modern hospitals are well-equipped to protect a premature baby, it’s still common for the baby to face immediate problems at the hospital and long-term health complications in the future. You deserve compensation so you can pay for these medical costs and your child’s lifelong needs. At SRB Hawaii Law, attorney Stephen Brzezinski can help you decide what to do next. Please contact us today for a case review at 1-855-SRB-1817 or (808) 809-7069.

Pursuing compensation for your baby's preterm delivery

Attorney Brzezinski has a history of working with hospitals, doctors and insurance companies to get families like yours the compensation you deserve. Catastrophic damages in a typical case may be based on:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future healthcare costs
  • Costs of in-home assistance or modifications
  • Financial losses resulting from the birth injury
  • Lasting impairments
  • Lost income or wages from missing work to care for your baby

After an untimely delivery, an infant often spends time in the NICU of the hospital. Neonatal intensive care services ensure the infant is supported until they are strong enough to breathe and survive on their own. These vital services can get really expensive. If the premature birth and related injuries were the result of a doctor’s mistake, you should be compensated for this expensive life-saving care.

Holding the responsible party accountable is the right thing to do. SRB Hawaii Law believes change comes from demonstrating these mistakes to the hospital and healthcare providers involved. Mr. Brzezinski has seen first-hand that doctors and hospital staff are mostly grateful to learn from their past experiences. It can help a person improve the care they provide. With your help, we can do what’s right, and pursue the justice you need and deserve.


When a baby is born too early, its organs may not be ready to survive without the mother’s support. Oftentimes, premature infants recover from any initial complications. In other instances, there may be ramifications for the child’s health:

Your baby may need support, medical care, medical equipment and more, in order to live a healthy, happy life. Let our experienced attorney advocate on your behalf. Mr. Brzezinski has a history of obtaining successful verdicts and settlements for his clients.


Doctors are trained to intervene and manage your case if your health history indicates high risk for preterm labor. Such risk factors include:

  • Ineffectual cervix
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Carrying multiple babies
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Preeclampsia
  • Kidney disease
  • Placenta previa

Doctors have certain duties and standards they adhere to when a mother exhibits these risk factors. They have standards also for when premature birth arises without any warning or known risk factors. When they deviate from the standard of care, it is that negligence that our attorney is interested in bringing to light in order to resolve your case.

For example, your health history may have indicated that you needed to be closely monitored. If that was ignored, negligence may have played a role in the untimely deliver. Other breaches of standards of care commonly seen in these cases are failure to suture an ineffectual cervix, failure to provide fetal steroids and failure to provide medications to slow labor, among other issues.


Attorney Brzezinski has been providing legal services related to healthcare for decades. He used to represent healthcare providers. As a result, he knows health professionals are dedicated, hard-working individuals who care about their patients, but that they are not immune to making a critical mistake, as are we all. He knows that, once the hospitals and insurance companies see that the mistake is real, that you are much more likely to be compensated for your child’s preterm birth-related injuries. He knows how to prove to them that a mistake was made, working tirelessly to get the compensation and justice you deserve.


If you believe your baby’s preterm birth or otherwise untimely delivery was the direct result of medical negligence, please contact SRB Hawaii Law for a claim evaluation at 1-855-SRB-1817 or (808) 809-7069. Experienced birth trauma attorney Stephen Brzezinski wants to help you and your family obtain the best possible results.

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