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brain damage attorneyGiving birth and delivering a child is one of the happiest, most memorable times in a woman’s life. Nothing compares to the joy of having seen the child for the first time and holding them in their arms. Virtually all mothers wish for their child to come to the world healthy and safe, but there are cases wherein negligence results in the opposite. This is where a Honolulu hypoxic brain injury attorney comes in handy.

Hypoxic brain injury results in the restriction of oxygen supply to the brain resulting in an injury. HIE, or hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, can cause developmental delays, seizures, and cerebral palsy. If your child has acquired hypoxic brain injury or even suffered from wrongful death due to medical malpractice, know that a Honolulu hypoxic brain injury lawyer is here to help.

Consult our birth injury lawyer from SRB Hawaii Law. A lawyer can help you navigate the case from the bottom to the top, providing legal advice, explaining concepts that might be hard to grasp, and will be your staunchest advocate, representing you to the end. Schedule an appointment right now with SRB Hawaii Law.

Why do I need a Honolulu Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney?

Seeing that you are going through certain troubles with your child’s birth injuries resulting from negligence, you might wish to skip getting legal help altogether since it only sounds like more expenses on top of what you already need to help your child’s situation. However, know that SRB Hawaii Law’s attorney can help you get the compensation you need to minimize your costs on medical bills.

How exactly can a Honolulu hypoxic brain injury attorney help? For starters, the attorney at SRB Hawaii Law has the following qualities:

  • Familiarity with the defenses commonly used by healthcare providers
  • Familiarity in the given practice areas, such as medical malpractice.
  • Extensive knowledge of birth injuries such as cerebral palsy and HIE or hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy and how far this kind of brain damage affects a child’s quality of life.

These qualities found in the law firm’s attorney are essential when the case goes to court since the attorney’s knowledge in the field, together with their familiarity with the common defenses used, can make for a strong case built against healthcare providers, enabling him to prove liability better and ensuring the victims get compensated the appropriate amount.

Schedule an appointment right now with an experienced Honolulu brain injury attorney from SRB Hawaii Law. Time is of the essence when making injury claims, so it’s best to act quickly, and nothing heightens your chance of getting the right amount of benefits than a skilled attorney.

What is Hypoxic Brain Injury?

Hypoxic brain injury is acquired brain injury that often results from negligence during childbirth. This happens when there is an inadequate supply of oxygen to the brain, leading to cell death. If left untreated, hypoxic brain injury can result in death. Hypoxic brain injury is characterized as similar to anoxia through the oxygen supply is not completely cut off.

Often, hypoxic brain injury results in life-altering conditions such as seizures and cerebral palsy that get in the way of a child living life normally. If this is the case for your child, know that you can always reach out to a Honolulu hypoxic brain injury attorney from SRB Hawaii Law who can help you.

Common effects of hypoxic brain injury include:

  • Loss of consciousness,
  • Memory loss,
  • Slurring,
  • Difficulty with speech, and
  • Disorientation.

No parent wishes to see their child go through a catastrophic injury that leaves them disabled for what could be the rest of their life. Reach out to a compassionate and dedicated hypoxic brain injury attorney from Honolulu who can help you get the compensation you and your beloved family member need.

How Does a Birth Injury Lead to a Lawsuit?

Not all injuries result from medical negligence, which is why, as mentioned, it is essential to review the case to determine if legal liability exists. This can be done by applying medical malpractice law to the case.

A medical professional must always abide by the established standard of care. This means, for instance, that the incident wouldn’t have happened if another equally-skilled and trained healthcare provider would perform the procedure. A qualified medical expert can attest to the proper standard of care.

The medical information available to the healthcare professional during the time of injury is also considered. When a standard of care is established, the healthcare provider’s actions are measured against that standard. It’ll then be determined if their deviation was the cause of harm to the mother and child. The final step of it all involves calculating the injuries and losses.

If you have a question about your legal options or determining fault, you can consult our qualified Honolulu hypoxic brain injury attorney to avoid any confusion. Call SRB Hawaii Law today for legal advice!

How is the Settlement Amount Determined in a Honolulu Hypoxic Brain Injury Case?

A hospital representative may provide a tempting settlement offer to cover the damages they’ve caused your child. However, before accepting this, it is best to consult with a birth injury attorney who can better explain and calculate your losses. An experienced lawyer can help you craft a life care plan to account for costs, so even without a lawsuit and money being offered, you know how much you’ll need before agreeing to any amount.

Factors comprising a life care plan include:

    • Specialized care in a facility
    • Medical evaluations and therapy to aid in recovery.
    • Special equipment to help in living.

The total costs in the life care plan will comprise most of the settlement, but you can also seek damages for non-monetary damages such as pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment. Our experienced attorney can help you determine the final value of your personal injury claim. Call SRB Law today to learn more!

Call our Honolulu Hypoxic Brain Injury Attorney Now!

Birth injuries such as hypoxic brain injury are life-altering and potentially life-threatening if not treated properly. The child could live a lifetime of suffering that could spell massive distress and ballooning costs for the entire family. If you or a loved one has suffered from birth injuries, seek a consultation with a Honolulu hypoxic brain injury attorney from SRB Hawaii Law.

The law firm’s attorney, Stephen Brzezinski, is knowledgeable in handling birth injury cases and can use his extensive knowledge to get clients the best outcome possible and obtain justice for your child. Schedule an appointment today!

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