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Neonatal Intracranial Hemorrhage (Childbirth Brain Bleeds)

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Having a child is a joyous occasion for any mother. Many eagerly anticipate the arrival of their child, waiting for the moment to hold them in their arms, triumphantly celebrating its life and welcoming them. While childbirth can truly be a cause of happiness, certain things, such as injuries and wrongful death, can occur. Childbirth brain bleeds are one of the most serious, along with cerebral palsy, which is why you need childbirth brain bleeds attorneys from Honolulu if this happens to you.

Birth injuries like cerebral palsy, brain injury, or brain bleeds are complicated since the brain is the most complex and sensitive organ in the body. This organ is responsible not only for the thought process but for motor activities and skills. Damage to the brain during childbirth can affect the child’s movement and mental development.

Compensation is needed in this case, and a Hawaii birth injury lawyer from SRB Hawaii Law, can help you navigate the claims process.

Why do I need Neonatal Intracranial Hemorrhage attorneys in Hawaii?

Families are usually excited about the arrival of a new child. However, the mood can instantly turn gloomy in the event of a catastrophic injury such as brain bleeds or brain damage. In this instance, it is wise to seek the legal advice and assistance of a seasoned Honolulu childbirth brain bleeds attorney.

What can an attorney do for you in this very tragic event? Firstly, an attorney well-versed in the practice areas of personal injury and medical malpractice law can see and deconstruct the defenses that healthcare practitioners and medical professionals use. The attorney can not only help you get the best financial compensation through negotiations with the insurance company, but they can also help educate healthcare facilities and hospital staff to avoid repeat incidences.

Put your trust in the hands of a skilled Hawaii lawyer from SRB Hawaii Law. From filing claims to representation, our lawyer can handle it all. Schedule an appointment with a reliable birth injury attorney from Honolulu right now.

What is Neonatal Intracranial Hemorrhage?

Neonatal intracranial hemorrhage is a childbirth injury that can have long-standing effects. In its simplest and most literal definition, it is when the child’s brain bleeds. This can be quite terrifying, and given that the child will suffer its effects long-term, it is just right that you get injury claims for this incident to ensure that you and your child will be covered for all the expenses.

In the case of neonatal intracranial hemorrhage, a lawyer can determine through extensive reviewing if a doctor or health care practitioner was responsible for this injury.

If your child is suffering from childbirth brain bleeds, contact our Hawaii childbirth brain bleeds lawyer from SRB Law Hawaii, who can guide you through medical malpractice law.

What Causes Childbirth Brain Bleeds?

Brain bleeds happen for a myriad of reasons. Premature babies are at a greater risk of developing neonatal intracranial hemorrhage due to their circulation. However, delivery newborns are also at a higher risk for this. Brain bleeds can also be caused by surgically assisted deliveries using forceps.

Swelling of the scalp indicates that they have brain bleeds. Other conditions can lead to brain bleeds, namely caput succedaneum and cephalohematoma. These are usually benign. Cranial head ultrasounds can detect the cause of brain bleeds. Consulting a birth injury lawyer can help make matters more straightforward and help you through the injury claims process.

How Do I Get Compensation for my Injured Child?

Birth injuries fall under medical malpractice. Before a medical malpractice claim is formed, there must be the following essential elements:

Doctor-Patient Relationship

You must present evidence of a relationship between you or your child as the patient and the medical practitioner you are filing a case against. This means that you sought out the doctor’s services, and they provided them to you. Demonstrating this shows that the physician had a legal duty of care towards you and your child.


One must also prove that the healthcare provider was negligent in terms of diagnosis, treatment, or in this case, the handling of the child’s birth resulting in injury. Evidence such as medical records, expert testimonies, etc. can help showing that the doctor breached their duty.


Medical malpractice cases usually involve patients already sick or injured when filing for a claim, so it is essential to show that the doctor’s negligence resulted in the neonatal intracranial hemorrhage. In simpler words, you need to show that the breach of duty caused the injury.

There Were Specific Damages

There are certain types of harm that patients can sue for. Remember that even if the doctor performed below the standards, if there wasn’t any harm, the patient cannot sue. That said, here are the types of damages one can sue for:

    • Physical Pain
    • Mental Distress
    • Medical Bills
    • Lost wages

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Pregnancy and labor make an arduous journey that ends in what should be a joyous moment. If childbirth should result in complications and injury, it is wise to get in touch with childbirth brain bleeds attorneys from Honolulu right now. Our attorney from SRB Hawaii Law is well-versed in every technique healthcare providers use to defend themselves, along with how insurance companies sell you short. Get in touch with childbirth brain bleeds attorneys right now.

If your child has acquired brain injury in the form of a brain bleed resulting from the negligence of medical practitioners such as doctors or nurses, know that the best course of action in your birth injury case is to seek legal assistance from a medical malpractice lawyer or a birth injury lawyer from SRB Hawaii Law. An attorney can help you through the entire process, from reviewing your birth injury case to helping you file for injury claims.

SRB Hawaii Law’s experienced attorney is capable of representing you and aggressively fighting for you. We have helped many birth injury victims receive the compensation they deserve. Schedule an appointment with childbirth brain bleeds attorneys from Honolulu, HI, right now.

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