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Childbirth is supposed to be the start of a wonderful new chapter in your family life. However, as a new parent, hearing that your child has suffered a brain injury is one of the most disheartening things a doctor could tell you. The weeks and months spent making plans and waiting with expectation were for nothing. Suddenly, the only thing you’re concerned about is whether or not your child will live, and if he does, what type of life you can anticipate for your child.

It is understandable to feel at a loss for a moment, but if a medical professional’s negligence caused your child’s brain injury, there is no time to waste. Immediately get in touch with a credible Hawaii anoxic brain injury attorney to evaluate your options and course of action.

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Why do I need an Anoxic Brain Injury Lawyer in Hawaii?

Birth injury litigation is difficult to pursue due to the complexity and confidentiality of medical records. It is crucial to seek legal help from a personal injury attorney with a proven track record, experience, skills, and knowledge in medical law. You are fighting for your child’s justice and future; you need the best lawyers to represent you.

SRB Hawaii Law has successfully represented hundreds of children and families for almost 30 years in medical malpractice cases. Our birth injury lawyer has the persistence, passion, and legal acumen to get our clients the compensation and justice they deserve. We aim to hold negligent medical professionals accountable to prevent medical errors and further birth injuries.

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What is anoxic brain injury?

An infant must breathe oxygen independently as soon as the umbilical cord is cut during childbirth. If this critical transition is delayed, the infant may suffer horribly due to a lack of oxygen.

Anoxic brain injury is a term used to describe a brain injury caused by a lack of oxygen. Hypoxic brain injury is a related condition that happens when there are low levels of oxygen going to the brain.

Our brains require a specific amount of oxygen to function properly. When oxygen levels in the body become dangerously low for as little as four minutes, brain cells begin to die, and the newborn can suffer from anoxic brain injury. The brain injury will only worsen the longer the brain remains without oxygen.

Without careful monitoring, this lack of oxygen could go undetected for long enough to cause severe brain injury to the baby and may need care for the rest of their life. Anoxic brain injuries are sometimes classified as traumatic brain injuries, even though they may not involve physical damage or touch.

Complications of Anoxic Brain Injury?

If your child’s brain does not receive any oxygen at all, this can have a substantial impact on your baby and lead to long-term health issues. These encompass both mental and physical issues, such as the following:

  • Poor mental function – a child who has suffered an anoxic brain injury may exhibit developmental delays;
  • Vision problems – visual information might be tough to understand. The child’s eyes may appear normal, but brain damage might cause blindness;
  • Speech problems – a baby suffering from anoxic trauma may have difficulty communicating and may require the services of a speech therapist;
  • Cerebral palsy – muscle spasms, weakness, or involuntary movements, as well as other cerebral palsy consequences, may occur; and
  • Seizure disorders – uncontrollable jerking movements may happen caused by abnormal electrical patterns in the brain as a result of a brain injury.

Dealing with the long-term effects of anoxic brain injury can be financially draining. If a medical professional is liable for your child’s brain injury, it is in your best interest to seek compensation claims with legal help from a seasoned Hawaii anoxic brain injury attorney.

Treatments for Anoxic Brain Injury

When an infant suffers from an anoxic brain injury, the first thing to do is to determine the cause of oxygen deprivation. This allows physicians and other medical personnel to respond quickly and determine how to relieve the flow of oxygen. If an umbilical cord prolapse is causing the lack of oxygen, medical personnel must act quickly to repair the situation, such as delivering the infant via C-section.

A treatment called hypothermia therapy is also considered an effective way to address oxygen deprivation. Hypothermia therapy must begin within six hours of the injury to be effective, which generally means within six hours of birth. Neonatal chilling can reduce permanent brain damage and improve the baby’s long-term health and function.

Depending on the severity of the anoxic brain injury, the following rehabilitation plan can also be considered to help the child recover.

  • Speech therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Medical care/nursing
  • Neuropsychology
  • Child life/dietary/care coordination

It is possible that the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation will be tough for you to manage. But in the event that the injury was caused by medical negligence, you should discuss a potential claim for compensation with a trusted anoxic brain injury lawyer in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Legal Compensation Claims for an Anoxic Brain Injury

Your child may suffer from a severe anoxic brain injury and may warrant legal action. With the legal help from a qualified Hawaii anoxic brain injury attorney, your child may be entitled to compensation through the damages for losses, including the following:

  • Hospital bills and medical expenses
  • Surgery expenses
  • Home care financing 
  • Further medical treatment, including therapy and rehabilitation 
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium

Furthermore, many anoxic brain injuries can be fatal. In cases where there was a fatality, the awarded damages can be enough to compensate for the losses linked with the wrongful death incident.

Anoxic Brain Injury Caused by Medical Malpractice

Negligence can happen at any point throughout pregnancy, birth, or the neonatal period. Not every birth injury is the direct result of negligent medical care. Some birth injuries occur from factors beyond the control of the doctor.

On the other hand, medical negligence could have been to blame for an anoxic brain injury if any of the following had taken place:

  • Existence of a relationship with a healthcare professional: You must demonstrate that a patient relationship with a healthcare professional exists. In general, the relationship is formed by an agreement that the doctor/nurse will give medical care to the patient during pregnancy and delivery.
  • The applicable standard of care: You must demonstrate that the healthcare provider owed the injured party a duty of care. The individual must demonstrate the applicable standard of care against which the medical professional’s treatment should be judged. A medical expert is required to assist in determining a healthcare professional’s duty of care.
  • Breach of duty caused injury to the child: There must be evidence that the healthcare provider breached the standard of care, resulting in the child’s damage. For example, the doctor may have ordered a cesarean section too late to save the baby’s brain. The testimony of expert witnesses who can verify a medical professional’s failure to behave in accordance with the industry’s standard of care is frequently used as proof.
  • The injury led to damages: You must demonstrate compensable damages caused by the afflicted child’s injury, such as medical and hospital expenses, disability, etc. 

Laws governing medical malpractice are complex. It is critical to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Honolulu as soon as you suspect anoxic brain injury medical malpractice. Our attorney will assist you in gathering evidence and determining whether you have a case and how it should be handled.

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It can be extremely upsetting when a life-changing brain birth injury that happened to your little one is caused by the negligence or medical malpractice of a medical professional. The emotional and financial hardship of providing care for a loved one who has suffered an anoxic brain injury can be overwhelming. You’ll want to have the best attorneys in Hawaii helping you seek justice for your child.

SRB Hawaii Law, a law firm based in Honolulu, Hawaii, is dedicated to assisting families in obtaining complete and just compensation in situations involving birth injuries. Potentially high medical bills often lead to limited treatment options because people are scared. Recovering compensation is justice for the suffering brain injury victims endure. We provide answers and legal advice to questions relating to cerebral palsy, birth asphyxia, shoulder dystocia, medical mistakes leading to premature birth, and other birth injury concerns.

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